Curtain Photos & Curtain Ideas

Curtain Photos and Curtain Ideas

These curtain photos will further explain the types of curtains, styles of curtains and provides ideas for bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Learning about curtains and drapery is made easier by looking at photographs in conjunction with your curtain design ecourse, so I hope you can understand more after looking through these examples.

A great place to get curtain ideas and learn about when and where to put curtains, blinds or drapes. See what styles suit different periods and design concepts and which ones do not.

See a wide variety of curtains – love some and hate some you will start to get a feel for what design looks good for the different types of windows and rooms. You will soon start to look at windows differently and start planning in your head what window treatment you fell works best in the space. These curtain photos provide you with a whole heap of curtain ideas in one spot, saves ficking through hundreds of magazines trying to find your own examples. I hope this exercise gets you feeling confident about choosing types and styles of window treatments.

Make sure to look at the color, pattern and texture of the fabrics used as well as the headings, how they are held up, how they are held back off the windows and the combination of blinds, sheers, nets, shutters, drapes and curtains. Make notes of what works for you and why, and when you see something that doesn’t look right to your eye, ask yourself how you would improve on the curtain design yourself.

Curtain Photos & Curtain Ideas

Bathroom Formal Curtains

Bedroom Blinds Ideas

Bay Windows

Bedroom Blinds

Bedroom Contemporary Curtains

Bedroom Modern Photos

Bedroom Traditional Curtain

Bedroom Formal Curtains


Casement Curtains


Corner Window Ideas

Curtain Accessories

Curtain Pelmets

Tie Backs

Valance Photos

Grommet Top or Eyelet Top

Kitchen Traditional Curtains

Living Room Ideas

Palladian Windows



Short Curtains


Shades Photos

Traditional Swags and Tails

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Get Curtain Design Ideas by looking at photos.

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