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We love curtains – they help provide a soft warm environment as well as creating color, pattern and texture for your home window treatment ideas. The perfect vehicle for creating beautiful windows and enhancing interiors. We can show you everything you will ever need to know about curtains and its all free – register for your free curtain design course. You won’t believe how much you will learn about window treatments or that there was so much to learn.

There are so many options and choices for fabrics, tracks, rods, styles and headings for drapery, that we often don’t know where to start looking to work out which curtain type will best suit the windows in our home and this can become confusing often causing us to give up before we even get started.

That’s why we have combined all the answers to your questions about interior decorating using curtains and blinds. Whether it is for modern, contemporary, themed or traditional styles, we have curtain photos to give you ideas for you to make well considered interior decoration choices. We provide you with all the education that you need for free.

Get familiar with options you have for decorating your windows. Free registration for your curtain design course.

Find Great Ideas in These Design Photographs

Palladian window curtains

Curtain photos offer an ideal starting place for choosing curtain styles that you like, or seeing some that you definitely don’t!

Palladian Window Curtains – Find ideas on window treatments for beautiful Palladian or arched windows. Lovely style and elegance required for the design of window treatments for these windows.

Look through and get some interesting modern curtain ideas on what different panel and drapery styles are available, from the formal french pleat, to the simple rod pocket, sheers and nets, and the accessories that add the extra decorative designer flair.

We have educational articles on curtain design – these are ideal if you want to take up interior decorating as a hobby or as a refresher for interior designers and decorators.

Corner window curtains ideas

Corner Window Ideas – The corner window is often a difficult window to decorate, and corner windows are now very popular in contemporary homes, a great place for ideas here.

You can learn about choosing curtain fabrics and linings, the types of headings that are available and which type of heading to use with a particular style. Designing curtains is a bigger job than people think, there are at least fifteen decisions you have you make along the way. If you sign up for the free curtain design ecourse – we can take the pain away from making those decisions and give you the knowledge required when talking to consultants about what you want for your curtains, don’t let them tell you what you need, take advice but know the right questions to ask to ensure you get the best possible outcome.  We hope you take advantage of this course, it makes decision making so much easier and the end result is curtains that you will be very pleased with.

We hope you enjoy learning about window treatments and how curtains can completely change your home interior decoration. It is a passion of ours and we hope it becomes a passion for you too.

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