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Find free interior design bathroom ideas and education, the different design styles of bathrooms and some interior designer critiques on designer bathrooms, this always gets you thinking and helps improve your interior design skills. There is also a lot of information on the things we don’t see in a bathroom, like the plumbing, there are great explanations on how water gets in and out of our bathrooms.

We are here to educate the beginner interior designer, home renovator, DIY designer, or anyone who wants knowledge and ideas on how to create a well designed bathroom or ensuite. There are so many choices available now that it can seem overwhelming. Take your time, think about what you already have in your bathroom and what you can reuse, think about where your plumbing and drainage is now and try and keep things simple. If in doubt, call in a professional for advice, they will quickly be able to tell you what you can and can’t do in your space. You can then plan more efficiently and hopefully cost effectively. Remember – a lot can go wrong when we play around with water and pipes!

Strong industrial feel to this shower

Lets face it, there are a lot of do’s and dont’s for bathroom and ensuite design and it important to get as much knowledge possible to design the most ergonomic and user friendly space possible. I know as a designer that I have made a mistake in our design. We have a pedestal basin, and it is very high, my children can’t wash their hands in it and I need a stool in front of it which is great for them, but a hazard for the taller of us.  No stool equals mum lifting them to wash their hands……very tedious.

Bathrooms are no longer the small washroom squeezed into a back corner of the house on the cold side of the home, where you can pivot on one foot and reach everything.

Bathroom Ideas - Bed Bath and Beyond with this Luxury Grecian Themed Bathroom
Bed bath and beyond. with this Luxury Grecian Themed Bathroom.

The modern bathroom has evolved into a place of design serenity. A place to linger and enjoy the surroundings, a bathroom now accommodates our every need and pampers us with pulsating shower heads and jets, heated towel rails for snuggly warm dry towels, under floor heating, demister mirrors and probably soon espresso machines. No seriously, they are now a place of indulgence.

In todays’ busy world we need time to recharge and what better way to do this than soaking in a hot bubble bath, or having a steaming hot shower to clear your head.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Check out these images for some bathroom design inspiration.

Luxury bathroom design
Luxury marble

The selection of luxurious bathroom wall and floor finishes makes all the difference to this space providing a natural marble grain texture that has a sense of constant movement. Don’t forget the gold fittings, this bathroom exudes luxury. Love the slippers, perhaps they forgot the underfloor heating!

Bold colorful bathroom design
Colorful, functional fun

Sometimes our budgets are far from the luxury bathroom in the last example, and they need to be more practical for a family and be playful and functional. This bathroom design, is colorful, practical, and a space the whole family can use, a bath for small children, a stool for whoever is supervising the kids in the bath, a toilet close by, with a shower head and glass door over the bath for quick washing with minimal water splash.

Traditional with some color
Bright, Bold and Fun

Sometimes we have to work with what we have, the great use of color in this bathroom detracts for the state of the timber floor and focuses your eye to the shiny chrome faucets and shower attachment. Functional and flashy! We don’t have go go all out modern to get the bathroom we need.

Bright and spacious bathroom design
Natural Light in a bathroom is always a bonus

Look how the natural light makes this bathroom look warm and open. Attention to detail with the herring bone tiles on the walls providing pattern interest, texture and color and the large scale tiles on the floor making the space appear larger than it is. There are a lot of little things to think about in a bathroom.

Bathroom Design Tip

Think about who will use the space and accommodate the heights of the fittings and fixtures. This is not only for children, but the elderly or disabled who require a lower basin, easy access to the shower, hand rails. Lots to think about.

We have loads of information about bathrooms, please browse through to get design ideas when you look at bathroom photos, you can learn about bathroom fittings, then delve into bathroom design, a must know is how to understand plumbing and drainage and much more, even if you don’t end up doing the work yourself, you will have a better knowledge and be able to ask the contractors questions and understand their answers better. You will be reduce the risk of being taken advantage of which can happen when we know nothing about something or a service that we want to purchase or engage.

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