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Anyone can learn about color. Many people are too scared to even try because they fear making a mistake. But don’t worry, no matter what your current skill level, you will learn valuable information to make the job of creating beautiful home interior color schemes so much more pleasurable. Long gone will be the days of agonizing over a single accent color. Don’t panic – we have all done that in the past, so now is the time to arm yourself with the color knowledge to make the skill of creating color schemes come naturally. You can get the rewards with compliments from friends and family or you can take it further and make money by helping others with their color schemes. You could be in the interior design or decoration industry and want to brush up on your color knowledge, this free color course it just right for you too. Register below to start receiving your free color course via email today.

Floral Wallpaper - Beautiful Colors

Have no Fear – Color isn’t Dangerous!

As you can see from the image above, color doesn’t hurt us. However, color and the selection of it is a personal experience. I love the choice of this wallpaper in the bathroom, because I love to use loads of color, but for some, this might be too much for them to bear in a small space. You can see that they have only used one small wall with the color and the rest is white. They have made it a feature. The fact that we can have a discussion about how and why the designer has chosen the colored wall paper means that they have achieved what they wanted. To create a talking point in a somewhat ordinary space. People will visit and some will come out saying “I love the wallpaper”, others, may be bold and admit to absolutely hating it, but they have both observed it and made an opinion based on how they see color. It’s a win win and everyone is now talking about the bathroom wall color! I forgot to mention the subtle pale blue of the cabinetry – I love that too! I don’t just teach you color theory, at we teach from experience as professional interior designers, we explain about why we make decisions. You will find it a breeze to learn, thousand of others have already.

Black and white with a pop of color - learn more with your free color course

Look at how amazing this room looks with a block of color!

This Free Color Course Will Teach You…

  • To see color with an Interior Designer’s eye
  • The color wheel
  • Color balance, tone, weight and size
  • Texture and materials
  • Common and period color schemes
  • How to create and collate your color scheme
  • How to make your color scheme interesting
  • Color Trends
Soft subtle pink tones - learn more with a free color course

How does the Course Work?

You register, confirm your email address then receive your first lesson via email. From there you can read your lesson and visit the website for further ready. It’s as easy as that. No assignments, no text books and you get sent a new email lesson every couple of days – it’s an achievable course for all. Get started now.

Color and Texture - free color course

Color and Texture

Color is one aspect of interiors, to be able to excel at choosing color it is really important to understand how texture impacts how we see color. We look at rough and smooth textures and how they add an important dimension to any interior.

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Blue a popular color for color schemes

Keeping it Safe with Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors to work with, I recently posted this image on Instagram and had a great response, it appears, that most people love pale blue! Why is that? You get to learn about color and the meanings and feelings it evokes. This will also assist you in choosing a color scheme that suits the people that will use it.

Daring colors - find out how to choose them with your free color course

Learn How to use the Color Wheel to make Considered Color Choices

Find out how colors work with each other by understanding how the color wheel works. This gives you the confidence to try new things and experiment knowing that your color choices have a reason behind their selection. Wow, it’s exciting isn’t it? Make sure you register today and get started on your color journey and learn how to create fabulous color schemes like a Professional Interior Designer.

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