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Owned by Lee and Chris Brown, is a business that writes design information and publishes it in an education based format. There are interior and architectural designers, writers, web masters, media and marketing experts all working within the business.

2001 was a sea change for the founders of That was the year they formed the idea of providing interior and architectural information online.

Sure there were plenty of directories and decoration sites but none actually written by practicing industry professionals for those wanting information and education about architectural and interior design. has been up and running for over twenty years, publishing and testing information and finding out what people want from grass roots and then at an educated level. Its success has been phenomenal.

Chris and Lee Brown are practicing professional architectural and interior designers. Between them they have over 65 years experience in the design industry, having worked internationally before setting up their current practice. leebrown and chris brown company profile

Their project history is very extensive ranging from projects with budgets of $10,000.00 to over $23,000,000.00 This includes housing, commercial offices, industrial buildings, schools and universities, hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as a number of historic restorations and building conversions. company profile of chris and lee brown

Chris has taken an active role in the local and National Designers Institutes, and is a Past President.

During this time they have employed staff and contractors, managed many projects and as a consequence have developed extensive professional systems for the effective running of the practice office, projects, and training staff at a junior and intermediate level.

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Individually they have strengths and together they are are a force to compete with, that’s why you can find every topic of interior design covered on this web site network.

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