Styles and Periods

Styles and Periods for Interior Decorating

Period Interior Decoration

Find characteristics on the well known styles and periods of interior decoration. Essential knowledge for interior designers and decorators as it provides a good sound background to base new design and decorating ideas. New designs are often influenced from the past, therefore it pays to have a general knowledge of the styles and periods that have preceded. Make sure you register for your free interior decorating ecourse, if you are interested in interiors, this is a must have.

What is Style? – get some ideas on how style is defined, is it good taste, can it be learnt, is it a natural ability? Do you have design style?

Learn about the Edwardian Period where colors were fresh and light, creating an informal feel.

The Georgian Period was divided into the early, mid and late Georgian periods and was a time for entertaining, making the art of interiors a popular passtime.

The Gothic Period was a revival by the Victorians in the 19th Century and was a style that had a religious symbolic base. The Victorian Period provided a great change for the middle-class home. Goods and services became more accessible for the general population, and pride in the home began to show.

Georgian Period

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior decorating styles are defined for the characteristics of their time.

Art Deco style is well known for it’s geometric and angular shapes, bold outlines and ziz-zag forms. Travelling was now accessible to many more people and foreign design pieces began to appear in the home interior decoration.

Art Nouveau is considered the first style of the 20th Century, and a movement forward in the way design was concepted, coming from the present rather than looking back at the past.

Shaker was a religious sect founded in England in the late 1700’s. The Shaker’s design philosophy was one of necessity and usefulness.

Eclectic Design

Cape Cod Style

Minimalist Design

Neo-Classical Style

Shabby Chic

Art Nouveau

Styles and Periods Furniture History

Find great reference information for styles and period furniture from

Learn the characteristics of the furniture style and the materials and types of construction that were in favor for the period.


Chippendale chair

Chippendale chair (left)

Furniture History

For information on Modern Furniture and Designers

When it comes to specific rooms, more detail is required and you can learn about using themed styles for kitchens at out kitchen website, look at country styled kitchen or contemporary styled kitchen.




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