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Free Downloads – Interior Design Files

Free Downloads for Interior Design – you are welcome to share these with friends and associates.

At we want to encourage everyone to give interior design a try. No matter what scale of project you want to attempt, it is possible. We have created a series of five free downloads in the form of ebooks that provide a taste of interior design, they cover the broad subject of interiors in bite-size pieces with links back to the website if you find something you want to learn more about. We hope that you have fun using them and feel free to share them with your friends on facebook, tweet about them, give us a thumbs up on social media and we will keep creating more free education just for you.

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Free ebooks – “Are you an Undiscovered Interior Designer? Parts 1 – 7

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Download a taste of what you need to know about being an interior designer. See if it takes your interest and you want to learn more. Indulge yourself and learn a little bit of everything. Download now and save them, share them and most of all enjoy them.

Part 1 – Concepts and Rules of Design

Part 2 – Drawing and Managing Projects

Part 3 – Color and Lighting

Part 4 – Construction, Fittings, Fixtures, Services and Finishes

Part 5 – Styles, Periods and Design History

Part 6 – Curtains and Soft Furnishings

Part 7 – Rooms and Stairs

Free Downloadable Interior Designer Forms

Click on the links below to download free PDF files.

free downloads - color form

Color_Form – A basic design system for creating a color scheme. Color schemes are simple to keep organized if you have a system. Use this form as the basis of a system for yourself, you will adapt it to suit your own needs as you become more experienced and know what detail is most important for your interior decorating jobs. Defining your own color scheme system is always easier if you have somewhere to start, so we hope this form gives you a helping hand.

Design_Project_Scope – The design process for a project, outlining the scope of work involved and how to work through it. If you are new at interior decorating and design, then this download is for you. It outlines how a project goes together from the start of taking a client brief to the end of putting the documentation together. An interesting document for you to start setting up your own design system from using this process form.

Outline_Gantt_View_Express_Table – Free timeline (gant chart) to be read in conjunction with the Design Process Article (design articles) or with the downloadable Design Process Scope

This is simply a chart the defines a timeline for a project and something you have to be familiar with as an interior designer.

The_Client_Brief_Form – A client brief form. Use this form to get all the information on paper from your client about the details of their project and what work is involved. Once again you can use it as a starting point for making your own client brief form, you can simplify this or expand on it, depending on how much detail you want to put into your project.

Sustainability_and_Textiles – Are you interested in sustainability? Imagine textiles made from plastic bottles or corn. Read on to applaud new technology and an environmentally friendly way of thinking. (Permission to make available to our readers by Laine Furnishings Pty Ltd, Thank you)

We hope you enjoy these Free Downloadable Forms and Free Interior Design books with the compliments of

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