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At we provide free interior design education to the world online. We cover a variety of  topics for you to learn from the website and we have free ecourses so you can learn at home via email. Take a look at what we have to offer you to improve your interior design and decorating education.
Free Interior Design Education Ecourse

Free Interior Decorating Ecourse Learn interior decorating via email for free, find out the topics you cover and how to sign on here.

All designers need to keep educating themselves even if you are a seasoned professional. Continual development not only helps with your own abilities but will also give you an edge over your competition. If you belong to a professional body then there are bound to be ongoing credit systems that are required to maintain your professional status and membership however that should not discourage you from further reading and personal development.

Interior design education is available for everyone starting from basic introduction into decorating and progressing to having the ability to spatially plan to code producing the documentation for building consent and compliance. Even after many years in the industry the writer still uses refresher courses and further development into areas such as specific and detailed lighting design and calculations supporting the design.

There are always going to be new products that require the designer to research and learn about them before they specify it or even talk about it with any real confidence. As you develop your practice there are business systems and methods that are required to grow the business. Marketing is a particular skill, however using systems and templates a decent market analysis can be undertaken and then a marketing plan to help with brand recognition and ultimately sales.

Here and with other areas of the site there are interior design education resources for the benefit of the novice and professional alike.

Free Curtain and Drapery Education Ecourse
Free Curtains and Drapery Design Ecourse

Learn about curtain and drapery design via email for free, find out about what you will learn and how to sign up here.

Free Color Ecourse

Get those essential skills to excel using color. The ecourse is via email and very popular, upskill today.

Free Interior Design Education Tips via Email
Free Interior Design Tips via Email

Sign up to receive free interior and decoration tips via email each day.

If you already are an interior designer, then visit to learn interior design business skills, marketing a design business, hospitality design skills, construction information, drafting and drawing instruction,  project management instruction and more. Excellent information for any designer, if they work for themselves or in a  practice.

Interior Design Education and Decorating Tips and Hints
Interior Design and Decorating Tips and Hints

Tips and hints on interior design, interior decoration, diy work, painting, getting quotations, carpet cleaning and more.
Essential Interior Design Education Tools
Essential Interior Designer Tools

Find conversion factors, anthropometric data, how to measure rooms, fibonacci series, golden mean, proportion and balance, 3d plan modeling and more.

Free Downloads

Find some useful designer forms and processes, ebooks to download for free.

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