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Sometimes we don’t always have time to read articles and sift through information to learn. We have provided a way to learn bite sized pieces of interior design knowledge here with free interior decorating tips sent to you via email. is about sharing interior design and decorating information to you and we do that in different formats. You can scroll through the website take one of the free courses or get your free interior decorating tips here. At the end of each email tip is further reading if you have the time and the tip is of interest to you, if not, close it and get on with your day! We all have busy lives and this is such a quick and easy way to stay in touch with learning design. As the doctors say “This won’t hurt a bit.” Automatically learn with free interior decorating tips.

Interior decorating tips

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comfy style

Understand color – check out the blue in these pictures! A simple bedroom with a blue focal point. There are loads of tips on how to create focal points and why we need them. Check out the bedside lamp too! Almost invisible!

Free interior design tips

Understanding how to create a focal point is critical for an interior decorator or designer. The painting in this room above the fireplace is the focal point here, it’s dramatic subject works well with the simple neutral color tones and texture in the rest of the room.

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Making a room look casual is actually harder than it looks. Decorating tips help you learn how little bits and pieces combined can assist with this. In this photo take a close look, can you see a couple of casual monkeys chilling out? The house plants in the corner create a more casual feeling and the simple paper lantern lampshades. Little things to help create a casual look.

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Lighting is a great way to smarten up a room, clever placement of lamps can make a big difference to how to use the room and see the space. Bedside tables are a must for creating ambience in a bedroom at night and help get you ready for sleep as you can turn the main lighting off and rely on the bedside tables to help you naturally prepare for sleep.

Free Interior Design Tips

Loads of photos to look at as well as your tips. Looking at interiors is a great way to learn about interior decorating. Every time I look at an interior I store little bits of what I like in my head and keep gaining ideas on conceptual styles as well as how to place furniture, artwork and rugs. It’s the details that count.

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Color, pattern and texture are all areas that you will receive tips from. Tips on decorating, furniture and lighting, loads of things to get you thinking. They are quick tips and you can take only a few moments to update yourself and then get on with your day.

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