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18 Free Lessons to Discover The Art of Designing Stunning Curtains

Why do you need a free curtain design course? Have you ever asked the question – “I’d love to really understand how to make windows look good, but how can I find the time to learn, where do I start?” You are not alone and we have helped thousands of students start and finish the free curtain design course. It’s designed for everyone, you don’t need to have any experience, just be open minded and ready to learn. If you can open an email – you can do the course!

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Free Curtain Design Course

We have people of varying skills learning from us, some are decorators who want a refresher course and a different perspective on curtains and an understanding on how to select curtains for difficult windows, others just want to understand what they can use in their own home so they don’t make expensive mistakes. Curtains are a major part of home interior decoration and design, so it is vital you keep up to date and review your skills as an interior decorator or interior designer too. I learned so much from writing the course myself. We are always learning new things.

This Free Curtain Design Course Will Teach You…….

  • Types of Curtains, Headings, Tracks and Rods
  • How to Choose Which Curtains Suits a Window
  • Make Fabrics Work for You
  • Fabric Selection Guidelines
  • Curtains Terms
  • Ordering and Measuring Custom Made
  • Accessories and Where to Use Them – teaching students like you online for over 20 years

You register in a simple form below and provide your name, email address and country. We then ask you to confirm your details in an email, when you do, you will receive your first email from your course. It’s as simple as that.

Curtain Design
Using Accessories
Types of Curtains
Fabric Selection
Custom Curtains
Free Curtain Design Course
Tracks and Rods

I haven’t actually seen another course about curtain design online, I think this free curtain design course may be unique, and the fact there is no charge makes it even better. It has loads of photographs to explain examples and refers you back to if you want to learn more about the topic. has been providing these email and online course for over 17 years now. We have had hundreds of thousands of students through the three free courses we offer. We were pioneers in the Online Interior Design Education Industry and we are still here. We have helped hundreds of students from all over the world start their own business from the knowledge they have gained from our courses. We are very proud of the work we do and the people we have helped to help others make their home a better place to live. Join us today.

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Window seat curtains - see how you can learn which curtains to use with your free curtain design course.

No window is the same, we look at what type of curtain suits different types of windows. Could you use a blind? What fabric best suits and what style suits the room’s interior design. There are a lot of things to consider when you start looking to choose window treatments. If you learn to understand the basics, then you will be able to rule out the things that won’t work for the window and focus on what will, saving you time and meaning you are half way to making curtain design decisions.

Sheer Curtains - learn how to use them with your free curtain design course
Sheer curtains filter light and can be a decorative feature in a room. Sheer curtains teamed with blackout or sunshade blinds (depending what room you are in) are now a very common form of window treatment. The room looks soft and can have filtered light during the day and at night the blind will provide privacy and stop any outdoor light coming in. Especially if you want to watch your favorite movie!
Bedroom curtains and blinds

Sheer curtains used in this bedroom, don’t block out the light, they will probably have black out blinds at the top of the window for night time. The benefits of using these sheer curtains are that they don’t look heavy and enclose the room when pulled or during the day. Bedrooms can often be small rooms, or our beds have got bigger! Because they feel small we want to try and make them look as spacious as possible and using sheers, like this can be one option.

Dramatic curtains in a commercial setting

In a hotel situation, curtains can be used to create a luxurious interior. We can learn a lot by looking at examples of how others have used curtains in different situations. Make an effort to start observing how other people have chosen curtains, see if you think they work, imagine what you would have done or could change to make them better. Observing other people’s design is one of the easiest ways to improve your design skills, take each experience as a learning bite. If you constantly observe, critique, work out what works and what doesn’t you are honing in your design analytical skills and improving your design eye on a regular basis. This makes decision making easier with the more observation experience you get. I hope this has been a useful tip. Don’t forget to register with us today for your free curtain design course and you can learn a whole lot more.

Don’t miss out on your Free Curtain Design Course, register above to start learning today.

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