Stairs, Staircase or Stairway? Learn Staircase Design

Stairs, staircase or stairway, what ever you call it, it is a major fixed item in a home. The staircase is often a design feature element of the interior and therefore needs careful consideration before it is constructed. Staircase design planning is essential for safety, comfort as well as aesthetic value.

On this website you will find information on everything you need to know about stairs from the parts of a staircase and how it is constructed, to the most comfortable sizes to make the stair treads and risers, and of course what are the best floor finishes for the stair tread as well as photographs of stair design examples for ideas and inspiration.

Stair design is a long term decision so don’t be swayed by trends, think long term for the construction and use the decoration as your feature, this will mean that you can alter the decoration aspects economically in the future, but changing the structure of a stair is expensive.

Staircase design - Timber is a very popular material used in stair construction, for the treads and the balusters and handrails shown here, and decorated for Christmas!

Timber is a very popular material used in stair construction, for the treads, the balusters and handrails shown here, and this stair balustrade is decorated for Christmas.

Stairs are a functional part of joinery in the home, they allow us to move from one level of a home to the next in comfort, they are often an aesthetic part of the home design, frequently setting the style of the interior by the theme of balustrade and handrails chosen.

We hope by learning about how a stair is constructed and the materials used you will have a solid grounding in stair design, as for the look of a stair, we have many staircase design examples for you to browse and get design concept ideas from to suit the look of staircase that you which to create or renovate.

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Stair Information

Stair Construction

Stairs are a necessity to be able to move from one level of a home to another. Please take your time to browse through the articles, learn about staircase design, see photographs of stairs and get ideas for your own design.

Construction and Design

Stair Construction – see how they are put together.

Differences between ramps, lifts & stairs – know when to use one or the other.

Parts of a staircase – know your way around the staircase, necessary for interior designers when the specify which parts of the stair need to be painted for example.

What are stairs? – read on and find out.

Stair design process questions – what you need to think about when it comes to designing a staircase.

Staircase Design Examples

Staircase Photographs and Critiques – learn from looking at existing stairs and get ideas about which parts of the design you like.

Carved timber stair – intricate detailing.

Easy climb stair – easy access.

Open tread stair – novel design with a twist.

Orange stair – go bright.

Solid glass balustrade – a popular choice.

Brick stairwell spiral stairs – the stairs we love to look at but hate to walk up.

Victorian staircase – wrought iron at its best.


Primary purpose of a stair – the details for designers.

Stair design

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