Solid Glass Balustrade

Contemporary Glass Staircase in Modern Commercial Office Interior

A contemporary modern interior of floor to ceiling glazing in a commercial environment. All surfaces are hard and reflective or transparent except for the main body of the buildings core which is stone block.

The elements around the buildings core are given the appearance of floating and so is the stair. The string is the only anchored form with even the risers being open allowing vision and light through them. The balustrade is made of glass and supports the stainless steel handrail so that it too appears to be floating.

A very modernist approach and one that appeals to many. It’s a clever use of modern materials designed to give a surreal or space age effect. Note the absolute absence of color from the interior making sure that this interior states that it means to say what it is. Not residential but commercial.

Solid Glass Balustrade - commercial glass balustrade

Commercial solid glass balustrade

As interior designers and architects we are now blessed with so many wonderful materials to use in interior design and decoration. Glass has always been an important factor in interiors, for obvious reasons, for windows allowing light to enter the interior. Now the technology has flown ahead and we can now use glass as stair balustrades, table tops, areas of flooring, external building cladding (sheer walls in built story buildings), all sorts of applications.

The wonderful aspect of glass is that it is very solid and durable and you can see through it! I won’t go into all the types of glass that you can use, you can find out that information at – glass, but I wanted to express it’s advantages of use within the design and decoration. A glass balustrade on a balcony allows an uninterrupted view whilst still stopping the wind and providing a safe place to stand.

A glass balustrade used in the interior like this example allows the space to appear light and airy, the balustrade still protects the climber from falling off the side and ensures that the space does not feel enclosed. Glass is very robust as strict building code regulations apply to what type of glass can be used in which application. Ensure you always check these requirements when designing. You will probably find that the manufacturers will double check your design before manufacture, but always best to get it right first time!

The durability of glass is an important reason to why it is used in staircase design, apart from the reasons I have already stated. The is little maintenance once it is installed, cleaning is the only major issue, apart from that it doesn’t dent, break (with normal wear and tear) like a plasterboard lined or timber balustrade would. So when looking for longevity in building and interior design, glass balustrades are a very good option.

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