Stair Construction

Stair Construction

Stair construction is simple when you know how.

It’s like most things in interior design, once you understand the basic parts of the stair and how they join together, then you can learn your local bylaws on the required minimum sizes and regulations on the pitch, width, balustrade and handrail height, tread depth and riser heights of the stair then you will have no problem designing a fabulous staircase. What are all those things?

They are all parts of the stair case that you will learn when reading articles on stair construction below. There are pictures and diagrams to show you all the parts of a staircase as well as detailed diagrams of how they go together.

Stair design and construction is an important part of interior design, not only for the aesthetics that a staircase can provide, but because it enables us to be able to move from one level to another with ease. Imagine if we had to use a ladder? We would all only have single storey homes. No high rise apartments to be seen.

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Stair construction - Differences between lifts, stairs and ramps Differences Between Ramps, Lifts & Stairs Ramps, Lifts and Stairsare all methods of getting from one level of a building to another.You must use one of these three building components, a ramp, a lift or a stair, but how do you know which method is best?
Stair Construction - Parts of a staircase Parts of a Staircase The two main parts of the staircase are the tread and the riser.The tread is the horizontal element where we place our feet.

The riser is the vertical element that separates the treads.


Stair Construction - Staircase design concept questions. Staircase Design Concept Questions When designing a staircase, interior designers have a great deal of scope to make a feature within the building.Stairs are more or less permanent and therefore need a great deal of consideration before they are designed and built.
Stair Construction - Stair Sizes Primary Purpose of a Stair Stated simply the primary purpose of a stair or staircase is to get people from one floor level to the next, but it is far more complex that than unfortunately for us designers!
Stair construction - What are Stairs? What are Stairs? The New Penguin English dictionary describes a stair as “a flight of steps or series of flights for passing from one level to another” .However there are a great deal of components and design parameters that go into the stair, making it a very important subject for interior design.


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