Stair Information

Stair Information

Staircase Design and Decoration

The staircase is a permanent feature of interior design. It is not a part of the house that can be changed easily when you feel like redecorating. Therefore if you are building a new home careful consideration needs to be taken to select the correct materials, design and construction of your stair case, so that it is either a design feature of the home or purely a functional section of the house construction. Use this website to find quality stair information from interior designers. Firstly this question needs to be answered. What are stairs?

The best way to get ideas for stair design and construction is by looking at examples of stairs, see what they have been constructed of, how they have been decorated, the planning and design form and how they fit in with the overall design of the house. This will start to give you a feel as to whether you want to make your staircase a feature of your home or tuck it away out the back and use it purely for the family as a functional stairway. Make sure you can define the primary purpose of a stair before you start your design work.

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Use the photograph examples on this website to provide design ideas for decorating the staircase walls and the use of color. Learn what flooring materials are best used on stair treads, quality stair information.

Learn the different types of staircase forms, from a spiral stair case to a dog leg stair. Get information on how to design a staircase and ideas on how to decorate a stair.

Stair Construction Learn how a stair is constructed and the parts of a staircase.

stair information

Stair Critiques and Photographs See examples of staircase design with design critiques from an interior designer.

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The staircase doesn’t just have to be an access way, it can be a work of art. It all comes down to what you want to achieve in your home, a simple practical staircase or an elegant hand crafted art form moving you from one level of the home to another in style.

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