Stair Design Photos

Stair Design Photos and Designer Critiques

When learning stair design, like all areas of home interior design and decorating, we stress that looking at other people’s design work is a great way to improve your design skills. Using stair design photos provides the examples of dealing with stair spaces that you may come across in your own work. It provides ideas that prompt you to take your staircase designs to another level. Critiquing others work is also another way to assess if what they have done works in the interior space. There may be areas that you see could have been addressed differently.

Analyzing others design is all part of improving your design knowledge and education.

So take a look a the the stair design photos listed below and read the design critique from an interior designer, see if you agree or disagree, take note of the stair design features and how they make the staircase design a success or a failure. Most of all have fun increasing your stair design knowledge.

Staircase Photographs and Critiques

Stair design photo - Curved Circular Stainless Steel Balustrade and Handrails Circular Concrete and Stainless Steel Staircase This is an example of a modern circular staircase with tapered winders and a tubular balustrade. This staircase is set in a high wear commercial situation.
Stair design photo - Bright Stair Treads Modern Open Riser Stair Colored Tread This stair design is original and funky! Simple in it’s design concept, the open treads are fixed to the wall strings and then the wall.
Stair design photo - Timber or Wooden Carved Staircase Carved Timber Stair This stair is an absolute piece of art in this interior with the carved balusters, handrail and newels complemented by the same detailing to the dados and walls.
Stair Design Photo - Orange Staircase Orange Stair This simple staircase is fun and funky, bold and bright orange showing that stair design does not necessarily have to be detailed.
Stair Design Photo - Commercial Glass Balustrade Solid Glass Balustrade A contemporary modern interior of floor to ceiling glazing in a commercial environment. All surfaces are hard and reflective or transparent except for the main body of the buildings core which is stone block.
Stair Design Photo - Brick Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase Brick Stairwell Spiral Stairs Here is an interesting spiral stair with an innovative riser that allows the stair to feel open while still performing the function. This is a very simple treatment with the steel complementing the aged brickwork.
Stair Design Photos - Curved Staircase Circular Marble Tread Stair Elegant and graceful, this circular stairway is well designed. It is detailed and decorative but does not dominate the space, instead it allows the space to have harmonious flow from one level to another.
Stair Design Photos - Spiral Staircase Victorian Staircase Here we have the beauty of the architectural circular staircase. This style of staircase uses
minimal space within the building and makes a wonderful change from the monotony of climbing a long standard stair.

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