Open Riser Color Stair

Modern Open Riser Color Stair Treads are Fun

This modern open riser color stair tread design is original and fun.

Simple in it’s design concept, the open treads are fixed to the wall strings and then the wall. The wall string is painted the same color as the wall so that the colored trends appear to float or have no visible fixings.

This staircase is probably a secondary stair as most building regulations for an accessible stair today require a fixed riser for safety reasons.

open riser color stair - Colored stair treads create a fun stair.

I am unsure what finish or material these treads are made from but if they are painted as it looks they would be very slippery. The treads do appear to have a slightly textured finished so perhaps a very short pile carpet has been wrapped around the stair tread.

The use of vibrant colors, royal blue, teal, and orange could be a company’s corporate colors or it could be a stairway to a children’s playroom on a mezzanine floor perhaps or a floating stair to a mezzanine of an art gallery, who knows, but it is very effect use of color and stair design.

To conclude the stair design concept and clever use of color provide for an interesting and vibrant version of a secondary staircase with scope for mirroring the colors above in cylindrical pendants for example, or the concept could be used in black and white. The treads could be black and the walls and string white as shown here or it could be reversed and a real white floating tread with black walls and string…interesting thinking. What creative ideas does this example of a staircase get you thinking about?

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