Interior Makeovers and Home Decorating

There is nothing more refreshing than giving your home a makeover, big or small, it always makes you feel good. We have some ideas for your interior makeovers, some are large projects and some are simple budget interior makeovers, but they all make a difference to the way we feel about ourselves. If our interior environment feels comfortable and attractive, then so do we.

bedroom makeovers

Look at some examples of how bedrooms can be changed, sometimes using only paint, other times with drapery and artwork. It doesn’t take much to makeover your bedroom, get inspired.

bathroom makeovers

Daunting for some, especially if you only have one bathroom in the house. See how you can combine small spaces to create a large bathroom, or simply change the wall color to add fun and freshness to a dull space.

kitchen makeovers

Often and expensive room to tackle, we show a variety of options, from simple wall coverings to major joinery renovations, and of course the addition of color and lighting to a kitchen.

living room makeovers

This is a space that we change often, probably because we spend a great deal of our relaxing time here. We tire of the same surroundings, so we give them a quick makeover every now and then. See some budget makeovers and more detailed makeovers of living rooms in this section.

Kitchen makeover

Blue and White Kitchen Makeover

dining and study makeovers

These areas usually are compact and designed for a specific task, eating or working, therefore the decorating usually reflects this. However sometimes with our open plan living we are forced to make dining spaces from a living room so we need to define these areas with either a different color or by the use of a different floor covering. Have a look at the examples we have here to get your creative juices flowing.
living room makeovers

We currently have an indoor outdoor “room” transformation. Created by opening up the living room to the garden outside.

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