Ensuite Bathroom Makeovers

Ensuite and Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms and ensuites are the rooms that get makeovers the most often as they get the most wear and tear in a house. We are constantly steaming up the rooms, the paint peels, the bath overflows then the floor vinyl lifts. Great time for a makeover.

There are so many beautiful products you can use to decorate a bathroom today that they are now a room that people show off in their home. They have moved away from being a functional bathroom to a place of great design and decoration.

There are now interior designers who solely design bathrooms such is the demand for excellence in this area, and they have set very high standards for us to follow.

The manufactures have responded to the public’s desire for better quality products and fittings and the choice of fittings and fixtures is endless. This makes selecting what you want difficult because there is so much choice.

The heated towel rail and extract fan are great ways to keep the bathroom dryer and the towel rails are now in so many designer styles that you would hardly know that they are a towel rail!

The main trend is still light and bright, lots of natural light (if possible), clear unadorned surfaces, simple sleek fittings and as water tight as possible, either with the use of ceramic tiles to the wall and floor or impervious vinyls to the floor and enamel paint finishes to the walls.

White is still the most popular color for fixtures, WC’s, basins, baths and showers. A lot of glass is now used, sometimes for the basin, often for shower doors, and mirrors are used in abundance to make the room look larger and also reflect as much light as possible in the space.

What ever your case, making over the bathroom or ensuite is a big job if you intend to move plumbing fittings. I would suggest that you get professional designers or tradespeople in to quote or provide an estimate of costs, as this room is often full of hidden expenses. Then go for it, makeover that dull and drab bathroom for a light bright airy version.

historic cottage bathroom makeover
Historic Bathroom – old doesn’t mean it can’t be functional, crisp and clean. A combination of new products in old styles works well in this bathroom. The new space combines a laundry, wc and bathroom including a bath and shower. Quite a transformation, and it now has a view.
guest toilet color scheme options
Guest Toilet Color Scheme Options – Subtle wall color options for a guest toilet. A small room, so very important to get the color combination correct.
bathroom color scheme options
Bathroom Color Scheme Options – fun and funky wall paint color options to jazz up a small bathroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fun bathroom, simply selecting some great paint colors for the walls can make all the difference.

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