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We Love Interiordezine on Twitter

We love interiordezine on Twitter. Twitter is a platform for those on the run. We use it to provide quick bites of design knowledge and if using Twitter is your thing, well we are there to help! We were an early adopter of Twitter and over time it hasn’t changed too much, unlike some platforms that change on a weekly basis. If you use Twitter for your social media fix, feel free to visit our account and follow us.

Interiordezine on Twitter

Explore Color and Have Fun with Furniture

Who knows what you can achieve when you explore your color fantasies. Love the patchwork upholstery design on this armchair. Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that – ends up looking so cool!

Well lit staircase

How cool is this staircase? It’s amazing what good lighting can do. It looks more sculptural than functional.

Scale is Important

Love the scale of these paintings

Color, Scale and Proportion

Check out the scale of the sofa and the paintings here compared to the person. Larger than life and full of personality and color. The colorful cushions balance the paintings and bring the scale back to earth.

Simple Furniture

The Simple Form of Furniture

Sometimes all we need is great form in furniture to set the design concept of a room.

interiordezine on twitter. Common items create pattern and texture.

Common Items Create Pattern and Texture with Interiordezine on Twitter

I love the use of everyday items in this image. They create pattern and texture in the room. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to learn more interior design tips and tricks for being an interior designer.

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