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Designing your home lighting is often left to the last minute, everyone is tired and just want to get the job finished and unfortunately hasty decisions are often made, with a lot of regret.

Lighting home interiors should be considered along with the space planning and decoration planning as it relates directly to how each space is perceived.

Home lighting - chandelier

Lighting Design at it’s best –  an impressive use of uplight and downlights to highlight features in the room, with a stunning central chandelier being the focal point of the upper floor and ground floor space.

You could have the best interior decoration in the world but unless you have made provisions to light it; it could disappear into oblivion.

Poor lighting selection can wash out color and texture, and make the room look less than ordinary.

Where as careful considered interior lighting selection can greatly enhance even the simplest of interior design features.

At interiordezine.com we have some simple advice for planning lighting for your home, and if you are an interior designer or decorator, we have more detailed information to up-skill your lighting knowledge.

It is important to remember however that even though you can work out your lighting requirements yourself,  it is prudent when spending a lot of money on light fittings and electricians to install them, that hiring a professional to provide advice, or check your selections and add their recommendations is good advice and money well spent.

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