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Energy Mad

Energy Mad was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2004 by founders Chris Mardon and Tom Mackenzie. Their first goal in business was to have 5 Ecospiral® energy saving lamps into 50% of New Zealand homes which would save the amount of energy that is used by Christchurch homes. They achieved this in 2007 and now have bigger goals for saving energy.

Energy Mad have expanded from New Zealand into Australia, the United States, Germany, Spain and Ireland winning large contracts along the way speeding up their new goal: “make lives better by saving enough electricity to power Europe,” with their long term goal even more ambitious ” to replace every one of the world’s 29 billion halogen and incandescent bulbs with Ecospirals®”.

With the speed they are moving introducing energy saving Ecospirals® to different markets, it is a very achievable goal.

So what are Ecospirals®?

They are energy saving lamps, that last 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs and up to twice as long as other energy saving bulbs.

We encourage you to read more about Ecospirals®

With today’s growing population and technology focused businesses, the need for more electrical gadgets increases, so does the demand for electricity.  Ecospirals® will form a vital part of our future, reducing the need for more electricity generation to meet these demands.

The team at are impressed that a small company like Energy Mad can make such rapid energy savings in a short time frame globally. We want to help them achieve their ambitious and we believe achievable goals by educating you, the designer, decorator or consumer to the benefits for you and for our environment.

Please go and read about Ecospirals®, there is technical information, specifications, safety information, frequently asked questions, reports, case studies, testimonials and more. We know that you will be convinced of the difference you can make as one person specifying Ecospiral® energy saving light bulbs for your projects, not only saving your clients money on their power bill, but reducing the maintenance time replacing old ones, providing good color rendition and being kind to the environment.

Energy Mad have a highly skilled and experienced team working for them to ensure they can provide the best quality energy saving light bulb product on the market. They are so confident in the quality of their product and their customer service that they offer a two year warranty.

To summarize Energy Mad are a New Zealand company taking on the world to change the way we think about saving energy. If we all get on board, we can also make a difference. At we encourage you to share what you learn here with your clients, friends and family and help Energy Mad educate the global market on saving energy and our environment.

Read our interview with Tom Mackenzie

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