Bedroom Makeovers

Bedroom Makeovers

I remember as a teenager that I would makeover my bedroom on a montly basis. I couldn’t change the wallpaper, carpet or drapes but I could change the pictures and posters, the bed linen, cushions and I always rearranged the position of the furniture.

Perhaps that is why I am now an interior designer. Anyway, what we have here is a room that we spend a great deal of our lives in, more if you are a teenager – you sleep longer, have friends around and hide from your parents in it. So it has to be a place that you love.

My daughter loves pink and would have the entire room pink if I would let her. As I don’t have an endless budget, she has to be happy with pink accessories. But they are themed to her age and can be changed as she grows. (She no longer likes pink read a blog post about the next stage of her bedroom)

Bedrooms are like that, they are a haven, some like them frilly and fancy others clean slick and sterile. It all depends on your personality. I have recently seen a bedroom that was full of teddy bears everywhere I looked, and no, it wasn’t a child’s room, it was a grown woman’s, but her hobby was collecting teddy bears and she loved to have them around her when she slept, it was comforting for her.

That is where I am coming from. Do you sleep well in a hotel room? Not usually, as it doesn’t feel like your bedroom.

So, when you start your bedroom makeover, think about what makes you feel good and start from there. It could be soft chenille bedspread, or silk cushions on your bed, perhaps posters of favorite singers, or candelabra everywhere. Science experiments (and I don’t mean uneaten lunches hidden under the bed), some kids love keeping mice, rats, insects, growing things to experiment on and they do it in their bedroom. Think about how to make the bedroom look stylish so that it flows with the rest of your home and still keep some individuality for the occupant.

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