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Guest Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas – Fruit Filled Fabric

The fabric selected has an abundance of vibrant colors in the fruity striped design. A neutral wall color has been selected by the client to make the fabric the highlight of the room. In the following makeover color options we will show how one room can look so different solely by changing the wall color.

Original Scheme

Original scheme

Option One

The room is large and spacious and can afford to be closed in by using a deep tone of color like the blue selected from the stripe in the fabric. Blue is a popular color to use in a bedroom as it is a cool calming hue, but with this much depth it can be too dominating and overwhelms the space.
Blue walls

Option Two

Olive green, once again selected from the fabric color range creates a refreshing serene space. The tone is still deep and encloses the room.


Olive Green Walls

Option Three

Mint green has been selected from the background color of the fabric. It is subtler that the first two options and contrasts well with the timber furniture. The tonal balance works better within the room as the walls don’t dominate, they provide a calm and tranquil bedroom.


Mint green, calm and tranquil


Option Four

Wow! Dashing and daring. This color selection works well as a guest bedroom, the orange, coming from the fruit in the fabric design. It is probably too stimulating to sleep in for long periods, but the warmth and depth of the color is inviting.


Dashing and daring orange walls


Option Five

On option for a feature wall of blue, a great backdrop for the painting enhancing its features. The tan for the remaining walls is another color from the fruit design, and balances the blue in the space. This way of using color has created a different look from the previous options, it adds to the symmetry of the room.


Blue and tan, adding symmetry to the room

Option Six

Another feature wall, this time using a deeper blue, and an olive green for the remaining walls. It is more dramatic than the previous scheme and highlights the stripes on the bedspread. The blue reflects the view, which looks out over a lake.  The colors provide a traditional elegance to this space.

Option Seven

The feature wall of the subtler kind. The use of cream and tan keep the room spacious open and airy and leave the beautiful fabric to dominate the symmetrical space.  The cream provides a warm contrast with the timber furniture and the addition of tan walls adds movement and warmth to the room.

Subtle cream and tan on the walls lets the fabric dominate.

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