Romantic Bedroom

Makeover Color Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas – Black and Gold

This bedroom has dramatic soft furnishings but the room looks a little lost. The color on the walls is lacking definition. The white sheer drapery looks lost against the white wall. The room requires a deeper tone to provide depth and anchor the soft furnishings, highlighting the white bed linen. We have four options below of how to enhance the look of this room using only color on the walls.

Original Scheme

Original bedroom.

Option One

Black as a feature wall provides a sturdy backdrop for the white bed linen. To paint the whole room black would be disastrous making the room too dark, so the existing white wall color would remain on the other three walls. Note how the gold silk table cover and cushion cover now have presence and the black and gold fabric on the chest define the bed end with a stunning contrast. The white sheer drapes provide a romantic feeling and soften the normally harsh contrast of black and white.

Black as a feature wall.

Option Two

White as the feature wall creates a spacious feeling behind the bed, and gold on the remaining walls provides a warm glow and picks up the highlights in the fabric at the bed end and the silk cushion covers and table cover. The space still feels roomy as the bed, the largest item in the room, is white and looks larger than it really is. The drapes add subtle texture to the white wall contrasting only against the black roman blind on the window, and a gold hold back.

White as a feature wall behind and gold to the side walls.

Option Three

This is a more dramatic option. The depth of the gold feature wall highlights the bed and provides symmetry in tone with the fabric on the chest at the end of the bed. The paler gold on the remaining walls provides a warm glow, which can be felt with the lights on or off. The white sheer drapery has a balanced three-way contrast with the gold wall, black roman blind and is very pleasing to the eye. This three-way contrast is now predominant through the whole room as seen also with the bed linen and cushions. This scheme has instant appeal as it has a well-balanced number of tones. Black – dark tone, gold – mid tone, and white – light tone.

Option Three - two gold colors on the wall.

Option Four

Red, the color of love, used here to fire up the passion in the bedroom. This option has introduced another color into the existing rooms palette. It can be seen nowhere else, and often this can be a very dangerous thing to do. We succeed here as we have selected a color that has the same depth and tone as the existing contrasting colors. Once again we have a three-way contrast with the white sheer drapery, the black roman blind and the red wall. Imagine the sheers being removed would this scheme work as well? No because the bed them becomes an isolated color with heavy tones around it and would look out of place. The white walls take on a reflective glow from the red wall, which softens the white, but the bed, because of its size would not look balanced.

Option Four - Red the color of love!

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