Fun Nursery Makeover

Nursery Makeover – Fun Baby’s Bedroom

The nursery room was functional but lacked any definition.

You want to walk into a baby’s room and go “Ah…. isn’t that cute!”

It was tiny and had to accommodate a lot of furniture and still leave room to move around.

Where to start the nursery makeover?

Anything that wasn’t critically essential was removed.

We went for the KISS method of design for this room. Keep it simple stupid! We made the cot tidy with simple yellow cotton sheets and a white cotton quilt, embroidered with pastel polka dots.

To finish the cot a beautiful handmade quilt, the perfect accessory for winter warmth and decoration.

This provided a great resource for the other colors in the room, it has yellows, creams, blues and pinks.

Original nursery

This room currently has no definition but loads of potential.

beautiful quilt

A hand made with love quilt, perfect to decorate as it has so many glorious colors in it.

Nursery decoration

Temporary or adjustable decoration that grows with your child.

Nursery Makeover

The old cream drapes were removed and replaced with new blue “patchwork ” look drapes.

A mirror was added over the chest of drawers to make the room look larger and because baby’s love pulling faces in them.

Because babies grow up quickly we didn’t want to have to redecorate again in a year, so our decoration is temporary in the form of simple timber picture frames, then we can change the images to suit the age of the child.

We have used baby cards, old books and postcards to provide the pictures; these can be updated as the baby grows, you can use the alphabet, animals, family photos, numbers or any other creative item you can imagine!

Cushions in contrasting colors tie in the curtains with the pictures on the walls.

The chair, an important piece of furniture for the parents, was moved to the side of the room, providing the look of a larger room.

It was accessorized with cushions in colors taken from the drapes and quilt.

A bookcase was added to allow for storage of books, shoes and toys. The changing table was demoted to the bathroom, probably a more practical place for it.

A lava lamp adds interest at night and is a unique form of night-light. The star mirrors on the window sill are simply for fun.

Overall, a successful makeover, achieved with a little space planning, some new drapes, bookcase, cushions and picture frames. The room now looks open and spacious, neat and tidy and has the element of fun.
To provide more definition and contrast we could have painted the walls, to see the radical changes it would have made, color scheme options for baby’s nursery.

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