Nursery Wall Colors

Nursery Wall Colors, Ideas for a Baby’s Bedroom

We completed a makeover for this baby’s bedroom on a budget. So just for fun we decided to look at what we could have done by using photoshop and changing the paint colors to the walls as well, so they could perhaps look at further changes over time. The results were staggering, the appearance of the room is transformed again and again.

It is amazing how color can create so many different looks for the same room, see if you find something that you could use for your baby’s nursery.

We used fun funky colors and some classics. We though the ideas were great, some quite bold color scheme options, and a good place to start you thinking about using color in children’s bedrooms.

Go for it, start thinking about the use of color in children’s bedrooms, kid’s just want to have fun after all, so why not start with their bedroom.

Original Makeover

New drapes, a mirror, bedcoverings and pictures have been added to the room, and all the clutter removed.

Original makeover, with no painting involved

Original makeover, with no painting involved

Option One

Blue green baby's nursery walls
A blue green with a difference, not the standard color you would expect for a baby’s room but it does provide a wonderful sense of calmness when viewing it. With so many brightly colored toys about it is a good idea to have a soft muted background color. Blue is also a very good color for helping with sleeping. See more color associations and meanings for the color blue here.

Option Two

The same blue as the curtains makes the room look smaller and provides a stunning contrast to the white of the cot, drawers, window reveals and skirting boards. This crisp and fresh look is almost nautical, if you added red accessories you could update it to a marine theme as the child grows older.
Blue walls makes the room look smaller.

Blue is also a very good color for helping with relaxing and sleeping.

See more color associations and meanings for the color blue here.

Orange walls, warm and sunny!

Option Three

Orange and definitely different, the room now takes on a life of it’s own. It provides a warm and sunny feeling, but most of all it looks fun.

Orange is a popular color choice for teenager children’s bedrooms as it is happy and active and has anti depressive properties, it would probably work better for a baby or toddler in a more subtle shade like apricot, so that it is not too mentally stimulating when you want to get them to sleep.

See more color associations and meanings for the color orange here.

Option Four

Clear apple green, crisp and fresh and ready to eat.

This looks great as it picks up the small pieces of green in the drapes, provides a wonderful backdrop for the white furniture and trim and really makes the room look alive, whilst still evoking a sense of cool refreshing relaxation.
Clear apple green, crisp fresh and ready to eat!
The green and blue have the same color value intensity of hue and provide a bold yet restrained color scheme. See more color associations and meanings for the color green here.
The natural tan enhances the timber.

Option Five

Light tan, subtle but still creating contrast with the furniture.

This natural color enhances the warmth of the dark timber mirror frame and the honey glow of the picture frames. The tan is a reliable, rich homespun color from the brown family of colors. A mellow scheme suitable for boys or girls. See more color associations and meanings for the color brown here.

Option Six

Now it is a modern baby girl’s room, hot pink and looking very trendy. The inclusion of some lime green cushions or cot quilt could complete this scheme. Actually, if it was my toddler daughter’s room she would have a pink floor rug, pink sheets, pink painted drawer knobs, a pink mosquito net with pink butterflies on it, pink picture frames with fairies in, and a collection of pink shoes scattered on the floor, for a lived in look. Get the pink picture.


The Jelly bean bedroom.

Option Six

The color pink is warm and refined, emotional and friendly and perfect for little girl’s bedrooms. See more color associations and meanings for the color pink here. I have nick named this look as the “Jelly Bean” room.

Pretty in dusky pink.

Option Seven

Dusky pink, soft and delicate, envoking a sense of calm and peacefullness, protective and gentle. This bedroom is probably more the traditional girl’s bedroom color scheme. Soft and subtle pink rather than the hot pink of above, this soft color allows for hot pink accessories for a funky look or soft and mellow yellows and pale blues for a more comfortable feeling.

The use of this color lets the furniture do the talking in this color scheme.

See more color associations and meanings for the color pink here.


Perhaps purple is better for the teenage bedroom!


Option Eight

Popular purple, this is setting the room up for the future spiritual teen! The depth of the color is probably a little too intense and philosophical for a baby’s nursery. Perhaps if it was more lilac or lavender promoting calm, it would work better as it wouldn’t appear so intimidating.

See more color associations and meanings for the color purple here.
Cheerful yellow a great color for boys and girls.

Option Nine

The never fail blue and yellow scheme, a great selection for a boy or girl and useful if you want to be organised and decorate prior to the baby’s arrival.

Bright and cheery the yellow creates a warm yet still airy feeling, is positive and sunny, enlivening and a very simple color to work with for accessories. Most colors work well with yellow as it is one of the primary colors. See more color associations and meanings for the color yellow here.

We hope these ideas for nursery wall colors get you inspired to try new color combinations at home.

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