Green Color Meanings

Green Color Meanings and Associations

Take this opportunity to get one step ahead of your interior decorating competition and learn green color meanings. These are a secret tool that every designer should be fluent with, especially the color green as it is so versatile and a useful color for creating interior paint  color schemes.

The reason that green is a fantastic color for interior decorating  is because it is like a neutral color. Neutral you say? Yes.

If you look at nature you will see green everywhere, and it is teamed up with every color in the rainbow and it always looks stunning, as you can experience by looking in your local florist’s window.

Green Color Meanings and Associations

Green -The Color of Growth

Green is a restful color and used to keep actor’s nerves steady before they go on stage, the green room, as it is called.

Green is thought of as traditional, the green and red of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

It is a color that is often associated with wealth, and many top schools and university’s have green as their color of choice. This green is usually a dark forest green, strong and secure.
Look out the window her, the green foliage just brightens up a cool and dull bathroom.
Look out the window here, the green foliage just brightens up a cool and dull bathroom.

Green also expresses regrowth and rejuvenation, a sense of moving forward, a crisp and freshness. This green is lighter and sharper in hue, lime almost. Something tangy to get things moving.

Soft mint greens are restful and calming, great for baby’s nurseries or hospital rooms. If used in large expanses, it can appear insipid and look washed out so keep that in mind.

Green teams up well with strong and vivid colors, providing a stable backdrop for these colors. It can work equally as well with soft subtle colors, but can overpower them, so getting the correct balance is important.

Green is used backstage “the green room” for it’s nerve calming association, is ideal in bathrooms and bedrooms as it has relaxing and calming properties.

It is elegant and wealthy when matched up with velvets and silks.

It is not good for skin color rendition so don’t use it in beauty parlors or hair salons, or even clothing stores for that matter.

Green is a color that can be used with a wide brush, and highlighted with bold accents, just like flowers popping out from under their leaves. Hot pink, crimson red, brilliant blue, yellow and violet.

Green Color Meanings and Associations

Cool, Relaxing, Restful, Discreet, Security, Harmony, Calming, Steady Nerves, Severe To Skin Colour, Balance, Elegant, Sophisticated, Envy, Jealousy, Inexperience, Quietly Social, Wealth, Refreshment, Compassion, Rejuvenation, Balance, Growth, Birth, Expansiveness, Moderation, Conventional, Normalcy, Tradition.

Now you have your secret weapon, try putting a few green color schemes together, get daring and bold, you will be surprised how radical you can go when using green as your base color.

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