Color Meanings

Color Meanings and Associations

Do colors have feelings?

What do we mean by colors having meanings and feelings? Does color have an effect on us?  Color makes us feel things, so yes they do have feelings. Choosing colors should not be taken lightly, colors do have meanings and influence how we feel when inside an interior space.

You may scoff and not agree, but try this….what comes into mind when you think of the color red?

…………Fire, heat, passion, hunger, temper, fast racing pulse…..

You are already under the influence of color, color meanings and associations and what feelings they invoke. So why not learn about how to use these attributes to your advantage.

We show you the color meanings and follow up with how to use and coordinate these colors into color schemes.

Red is a powerful color, fabulous for the dining room, and making a huge comeback for living rooms as bold accents of red make a very assertive statement of style.

Red Color Meanings and Associations

Yellow is the happiest and cheerful color to use in interior design and decorating.

Yellow Color Meanings and Associations

Orange is a great color to use where there will be large congregations of people as it decreases irritability and hostility and improves social behavior……

Orange Color Meanings and Associations

Green is a fantastic color for interior decorating because it is like the neutral color. Neutral you say, yes! If you look in nature you will see green everywhere, and it is teamed up with every color in the rainbow and it always looks stunning.

Green Color Meanings and Associations

Blue is one of the Primary Colors. It is the easiest
color to use when making color schemes.

Blue Color Meanings and Associations

Violet or purple is a regal color, something we don’t see a lot of in interiors. It is mostly seen in the pale form of mauve or lilac.

Purple Color Meanings and Associations

Pink is often a color we love or hate, it has that appeal. Soft and subtle it is delicate, peaceful and gentle, but bold and vibrant shocking pink can be emotional and stimulating to your senses.

Pink Color Meanings and Associations

Black is a dramatic color, it provides the greatest contrast when teamed with white. It is a useful color to hide or camouflage things that you don’t want to highlight as it does not reflect light from it.

The color meanings and associations of Black.

Brown is the color we swore we would never have in our home again. It has taken 20 years to get rid of it and guess what, it is back.

The color meanings and associations of Brown.

This is probably the most used color in interior design.

Most ceilings are white, most bathrooms are white, and a good proportion of bathroom and kitchen fittings and appliances are white, probably due to the fact that everything goes with white.

The color meanings and associations of White.

Gray is often a drab color, it goes by unnoticed unless it gets teamed up with a color of some substance like hot pink or brilliant orange.

The color meanings and associations of Gray

Choosing colors should not be taken lightly, colors have meanings and influence how we feel. Use these tools to give you an advantage when selecting color schemes for your interiors, and make your rooms feel harmonious.

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