Gray Color Meanings

Gray Color Meanings and Color Associations

Here are the definitions of gray color meanings, use them to help you select paint colors for interior color schemes, or fabrics for furniture. What ever your need, learning about the meanings of colors will help you make better selections for your interiors.

Gray is not technically a color, it is a neutral, but we will call it a color as it is easier to use in this context. It is the color you get when you mix any primary colors together. Gray is often a drab color, it goes by unnoticed unless it gets teamed up with a color of some substance like hot pink or brilliant orange.

Gray is very popular for exterior painting color schemes as it is not offensive and combines well with a great deal of colors.

It is very useful in interior decorating as it is subtle and stable to use, it is not dramatic like black or white, the other neutrals, therefore is is good to use with other colors as it does not dominate them.

An example of this is using hot colors, hot pink, hot blue, hot green.
These look funky and fun on their own but can be a little garish, with the addition of gray they become compromised and drawn back into line and make a statement but a more subtle one.

The grey wallpaper is the focal point of this contemporary room.

The gray wallpaper is the focal point of this contemporary room.

Gray is often used in industrial design, look at the color of your keyboard, laptop, mobile phone, calculators, medical machinery, they are often gray. This means that they will suit any interior.

Metal finishes are often grey, aluminium, light gray, wrought iron, charcoal gray, and stainless steel – various finishes. We see a lot more gray than we recognize. Cutlery is stainless steel, some light switches, light fittings, connection bars for flooring junctions, door handles, door stops, I could go on and on. There is an abundance of grey in every home, and if lives happily unnoticed, blending in with it’s surroundings.

Concrete is a very popular look at the moment and that is very gray, used for flooring,  exterior walls, driveways and fences and teams up well with green landscaping.
Gray Color Meanings

Gray Color Meanings and Associations

Steady, Resignation, Stable, Negotiable, Dignity, Indecision, Protected, Deliberate, Guarded, Disciplined, Negotiable, Compromise, Cool, Neutral, Safe.

Gray Marble used in this bathroom provides a disiplined and safe feeling to the room.

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Gray is a very useful color to use as a base color when painting walls and then you can add other paint colors as highlights, this way it is a highly economical choice, as in time you can change the highlight colors more frequently and gray will still work well as your base paint color.

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