Interior Decorating Color Articles

Interior Decorating Color Articles

Interior decorating color articles to get you used to viewing color with an interior decorator’s eye.

Take the pain away from choosing color, learn color tips and concepts from the experts to make choosing interior colors a breeze.

Read articles on color and see how you can learn from others, take their techniques and adapt them to suit your own color schemes.

There are millions of ways to decorate a single room, but only hundreds that look and feel like they have interior design appeal.

So take the bold step of creating those looks yourself by learning from interior designers about what they have to say about color and color theory in the following articles. This website has loads of articles on color theory and color concepts. It provides an insight into how color works, demystifying the world of color. Read on to enhance your color selection skills and you will find putting together color schemes so much more enjoyable.

Introduction to Color

Interior Decorating Color Articles

Interior decorating color

White, Why Not?

As a population we tend to find a trend and grab onto it and run, we fully saturate ourselves in it and then we get bored and find the next one to follow. This is great for the retail stores selling linen, furniture and accessories and the contractors redecorating interiors on a regular basis. But not so good for your pocket.

Cool colors recede.

Color Temperature and Movement

The warm colors and dark tones are advancing; they bring the color closer towards you, the cool colors and pale tones receding, as they seem to move away from you.

The effect of juxtaposing contrasting colors creates movement and vitality.

Color Juxtaposition

Our interpretation of a color can be changed when certain colors are juxtaposed. A bright color will make the color that lies next to it appear more like its complementary color.

Attention seeking teenagers prefer the color red.

Personal Color

………….the colors people prefer to wear and be surrounded by can suggest their personalities. Attention seeking teenagers prefer red, the quiet more reserved prefer…………

White is the traditional color worn by brides for a wedding ceremony in the west.

Cultural Color

Generally, our history and family background give us our initial associations with color. In the West – white is the traditional color worn by brides for a wedding ceremony, but in China and India it is the color of mourning as it has the association with………..

The baby boy on the left is dressed in blue and the girl on the right in pink.

Introduction to Color

Color is everywhere we look; there is no getting away from it. It has been with us since we were born and our parents used it to show others what sex we were………we grew and began to experience our environment, both interior and exterior. Outdoors we learnt that the sky was blue, the grass was green,

To make your ceiling appear higher, paint it in a light color.
Changing Room Size with Color

By painting your ceiling a dark color you automatically perceive that it is lower. That is because dark colors advance. So of course to make your ceiling appear higher, paint it in a light color – preferably white

.Blue, an ideal color for the bedroom.
Choose Blue, the Color Remains a Trend in Interior Decorating

Blue and white, made popular with the influx of blue and white china, is as popular today as it was then. Blue and yellow always creates a sunny beach or holiday home feeling……..More interior decorating color articles

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