Room Size

Using Color to Change the Room Size

Do you want to lower your ceiling, but don’t want to employ a builder?

Then don’t, employ a painter instead.

By painting your ceiling a dark color you automatically perceive that it is lower.

That is because dark colors advance. So of course to make your ceiling appear higher, paint it in a light color – preferably white.

It seems so simple and it is.

In general to make walls advance towards you, paint them a dark color. To make them recede away from you, paint them a light color.

Warm colors advance.

If you have a rectangular room and want to make it look more square, then paint the two smaller end walls a darker color and have the long walls a light color. This will bring the end walls forward and make the room appear more symmetrical.

If you want to create a cozy room, choose a warm dark color. This will make the space feel warm and the dark color will enclose the room making it feel intimate.

To make a large open and spacious room, white (or as light as possible) would be the best choice, as white reflects light and the room appears larger.

Changing the perception of room size is easy.

Just Use Color.

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