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Color theory is a vital component of interior design and decoration. Everything has a color that we can describe, so we need to know how that color is made up and how to best use it to our advantage when we are creating home interiors.

free interior decorating color ecourse

No matter what your current skill level, you will learn valuable information to make the job of creating home interior color schemes so much more pleasurable. Long gone will be the days of agonising over a single accent color. Don’t worry, we have all done that in the past, so now is the time to arm yourself with the color knowledge to make the skill of creating color schemes come naturally and get the rewards from it be it financial, if you are in the interior design and decoration business or with praise from your family and friends if you do it for a hobby. Below you will find the ecourse outline, and the subscription form. Have fun.

What will I learn about Interior Decorating Color and How?

Should you decide to subscribe by using the form below, and I have a feeling you will as you have read this far. Within a few minutes you will receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to be involved in this ecourse, this is to make sure we have your permission to send you email. Then over the next few weeks, you will receive via email, lessons on the following information:

Interior Decorating Color Ecourse

1. Introduction to your color design ecourse

2. Looking at an interior with a designer’s eye

3. How We See Color

4. The Color Wheel

5. Balance, Tone, Weight and Size

6. Texture and Materials

7. Common and Period Color Schemes

8. Color Trends

9. Make it Interesting

10. Collating and Creating your Color Scheme

11. Thank you and summary of ecourse

These lessons provide you with background on the topic and then you will be provided with links to take you off for further reading (these pages include pictures and diagrams). There will also be questions to quiz yourself along the way to make sure you are learning.

You subscribe in a simple form above and provide your name and email address. We then ask you to confirm your details in an email as I mentioned above, when you do, you will receive your first email from your ecourse. Simple as that. Oh, and I forgot to remind you, it’s free.

We have also set up a website to help your learning, and this will provide you access to color design videos, self tests, and you will be able to access any pages of the ecourse that may get lost in cyberspace.

So fill out the form above for your free interior decorating color ecourse and get started now. We can’t wait to work with you.

Free interior decorating color ecourse

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