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New Trend – Why Not Use White in your Interior Decoration?

As a population we tend to find a trend and grab onto it and run, we fully saturate ourselves in it and then we get bored and find the next one to follow.

This is great for the retail stores selling linen, furniture and accessories and the contractors redecorating interiors on a regular basis. But not so good for your pocket.

It has taken years to get rid of all the bright bold geometric wallpaper designs of the sixties and seventies, then we had to deal with the pink and grey era of the eighties, the nineties we started to use color on walls and then came feature walls.

White, crisp and clean

Some where in between all that the simple way to change an interior and make it neutral was to completely paint the whole interior white and this was done on a regular basis. I don’t know what we call the 00’s perhaps the naughties, but the feature wall is prevalent and the use of color has become more popular, the second half of the naughties has shown a resurgence in wallpaper for our walls, incorporating texture and back to the bold designs of the sixties and seventies.

The good thing about this era is that there are multiple trends happening simultaneously, the earthly textured natural look of nature with a big emphasis on the environmental factors of products use and their sustainability.

Luxury, this trend is wonderful, it is full of opulence, wonderful rich fabrics and furnishings, chandeliers, lamps, loads of over the top cushions and throws, feathers and fun. Wallpaper is a major feature here to provide texture and pattern to the walls. I have seen a fun example of this in a magazine, sorry I can’t remember which as I see so many, but it was all done in white, superb, it was really unexpected and the use of texture, different forms and materials carried it well into the realms of luxurious fun comfort, and an interesting spin on the use of white.

New Trend – Why Not Use White in your Interior Decoration?

The batch, cabin, crib, shed, holiday home or any other name you have for it, is a fun trend, this provides an ideal space for people to really explore their inner self.

It allows them to decorate in a way that suits the way that they want to relax, it is often made up of items collected on travels, family photos, one off chairs and mix and match sofas, and a good way to tie all this bits and pieces together is to use white as the backdrop.

The spaces are often small and intimate, and have lots of things on display using white is a good way to keep the space neutral and let the collectibles tell their story.

There is the sleek modernist look that is still popular using 20th Century Modern Furniture from designers such as le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames and Alvar Aalto to choose a few popular examples.

This furniture is generally the focal point of these interiors and the walls are painted, you guessed it white. White provides a perfect backdrop for such sleek and well formed pieces of furniture, it reflects the natural light in the room and there is often an abundance of windows to provide this. It is also perfect for display pieces of artwork, and allows your eye to focus on the features of the room rather than how the room makes you feel.

I hope this sparks some food for thought, and opens your eyes up into using white for a change.

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