Color Temperature

Color Temperature and Movement

What exactly is color temperature?

We know the colors Red, Orange and Yellow are warm colors, and Blue, Green and Violet are cool colors.  As we have perceived the temperature from these colors, we can also see apparent movement, advancing and receding colors.

Warm colors advance. The warm colors and dark tones are advancing; they bring the color closer towards you, the cool colors and pale tones receding, as they seem to move away from you.

Cool colors recede

Picture  – Cool colors recede

Warm colors advance

Picture – Warm colors advance

Using a pale cool wall and ceiling color creates the maximum illusion of space. If you add a pale wall-to-wall carpet, you create a greater sense of space again, even more so if the skirting is painted to match the carpet. Walls covered in warm dark colors seem closer and create a cosyier atmosphere.

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