Purple Color Meanings

Purple Color Meanings and Associations (Violet)

Why do we need to know about purple color meanings? Or should I say violet color meanings. As interior designers or interior decorators, we need to know about all colors, what they are made up of, what they team well with and their meanings and the associations we have with these colors.

We are the experts on color and therefore our clients rely on us to make educated and informed choices of color for their interior spaces. If a client wants to have purple in their kitchen, you need to be able to talk them through the use of that color in that space and guide them to make the right decision for the space. You may not think you will use purple or violet very often, but you will be surprised if you start looking, how frequently it is used in a subtle way, in fabrics, wallpapers and accessories.

Violet or purple is a regal color, as I mentioned something we don’t see a lot of in it’s true hue form in interiors. However we do use it in different forms. By adding white we create a tint of purple and these colors are know as mauves, lilacs and lavenders. These softer more restful versions of purple are used in our homes, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms as they promote day dreaming and inner calmness.

Violet is great for girls bedrooms as it is peaceful and calm.

It is a creative color so works well in working, or learning areas.

When teamed with yellow, it’s complementary color it creates a very forceful statement, is dignified and regal. This combination looks stunning as an upholstery fabric on a dining chair.

Purple looks fabulous when used in fabrics, especially when teamed up with it’s complementary color yellow. It is elegant and well balanced and perfect for a formal living room or dining area.

Purple is ideal as accents, when used in a triadic color scheme with green and orange, it provides a statement of well thought out supremecy of other color schemes, it is striking yet still well balanced.


Purple Color meanings or Violet

Purple Color Meanings and Associations

Well Balanced, Restful, Promotes Peace And Calm, Serene, Regal, Dignified, Elegance, Day Dreaming, Spiritual, Royalty, Supremacy, Quietness, Reverence, Lowers Blood Pressure, Quietens Overactive Glands And Organs, Internal Dialogue, Philosophical, Lateral Thinking, Creativity.

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Purple Color Schemes

Now I want you to go out and start having a look around for purple or violet and take note of where it is used and what colors it is teamed up with. You could read the article above about purple color schemes, that provides options from the color wheel for purple color schemes, familiarise yourself and go and look for more, you will be surprised at how often you see purple when you really have a good look.

This exercise will improve your interior decorating skills and lift the level of your color schemes, and you will start expanding your color choices and stretching your professional limits, something we need to keep doing.

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