Red Color Meanings

Red Color Meanings and Associations

Most of us know red color meanings as it is used so often as a color to make us take an action, stop at a traffic light or look at a sale sticker.

Red is the color of roses for valentines day, romance and lust, red is an exciting color, stimulating and exciting.

No wonder the extrovert that wears a red suit to a business meeting gets noticed, not only for their boldness in color choice, but the sense of power that it carries.

Red is brave and carries good luck, it is a very popular and important color in asian societies.

How do we use it in the home?

With caution if you want to use it in bulk, if not, scatter it everywhere. To make a room feel cosy you can use red for the walls, it will enclose the space, but it does make it more intimate.
Red can be broken up and diluted as such, as shown here by the addition of taupe and gold in the fabric pattern.

Red can be broken up and diluted as such, as shown here by the addition of taupe and gold in the fabric pattern.

I wouldn’t suggest red for a bedroom as it increases your respiratory rate, and what you usually want to do in your bedroom is lower your rate, relax and sleep. It is not often used in large areas for bedrooms as it is a stimulating color, but used to highlight and create the element of romance, love and passionate luxury through the use of drapery, bed linen and accessories. But you can use it as accents and that is where red really excels.

I have seen a few commercial schemes that have taken some design ideas from the 1960’s, the rooms are pure white and have red leather sofas and red pendant light fittings, they look spectacular, red is the focus and it draws you in to sit down and then look up at the lights. Simple yet effective. You may not want to be so dramatic in your home, but red can be a great color for focal points or features.

a little red only in the bedroom

A red wall around a fireplace immediately hints of cosy warmth, even if it is not lit. A red wall in the entry of your home suggests bold opulence. One area that red has probably not been thought of for is the dressing room, a private space in your home, red flatters the skin and you will look your best while you are putting on your makeup and getting dressed.

Red is a vibrant color, a powerful color, fabulous for the dining room, and making a huge comeback for living rooms as bold accents of red make a very assertive statement of style.

Red Color Meanings

Red is a positive color to use for clothing stores as it does flatter the skin color, is impulsive and adds the element of luxury.

Red provides a feeling of extreme and courage and is used a lot in sports areas and gyms.

It is the color of extroverts and very popular for front doors as it is rich, opulent and bold, as well as easy to see.

Red Color Meanings and Associations

Warm, Stimulate, Generate Aggression, Angry, Assertive, Exciting, Strength, Excitement, Vitality, Physical Power, Flatters Skin Color, Advances, Opulence, Power, Danger Signal, Stop Signal, Arouses, Hot, Passionate, Rich, Celebratory, Luck, Love, Romance, Courage, Fire, Vigorous, Luxury, Bold, Brave, Increases Blood Pressure, Increases Respiratory Rate, Aids Digestion, Increases Strength, Bullying, Physical, Impulsive, Sensuous, Extreme, Athletic

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