Orange Color Meanings

Orange Color Meanings and Associations

Learn orange color meanings so you can improve your skills with interior color. Having an understanding of colors and their meanings ensures that we select the best possible color scheme for an interior. Colors invoke feelings and by using the knowledge about which feelings the color summons we can make the interior space work in harmony with the user rather than fight it.

Orange is a great color to use where there will be large congregations of people as it decreases irritability and hostility, improving social behavior.

Use orange as a feature wall to create a focal point, add a purple vase on the table and you have a striking feature. Using color in small amounts is a good way to introduce strong hues into your home. Read about feature walls here.

Orange as a feature wall - stunning!

Orange as a feature wall – stunning!

It is useful in large learning institutions like universities and schools. It is good for use in classrooms, or where large groups of people congregate as it improves social behavior.

It is used frequently in rest homes as it is a warm and happy color and useful for institutions  and care facilities as it is an anti depressant and decreases hostility and irritability as well as being cheerful and fun, warm, lively and welcoming, generally in the form of a pale apricot to the walls and drapes.

Orange is a popular color choice for teenager children’s bedrooms as it is happy and active and has anti depressive properties.

Orange and brown was a popular color combination 20 to 30 years ago, but has now been replaced with orange and pink, and orange and red, more bold and creative options.

Orange Color Meanings and Associations

Orange Color Meanings and Associations

Warm, Anti Depressant, Happiness, Joyfulness, Cheerful, Assertive, Dynamic, Spontaneous, Liveliness, Welcoming, Social, Pleasure Seeking, Extroverted, Exuberance, Decreases Irritability And Hostility, Emotional, Active, Boldness, Improves Social Behavior.

Orange, the happy cheerful color. We often overlook using orange as we find it bright and bold and too brilliant to use in our homes.

But wait, where does peach and apricot come from? Yes, the color orange. They are a tint of orange. Now you can see that we do actually use orange a lot in our interiors.

Orange is a fantastic color to use as an accent. Throw around some bright orange cushions to brighten up a dull color scheme, add some orange flowers to a vase to enliven the room.

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