Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen, a very expensive makeover. This is not necessarily the case if you don’t need to purchase new appliances or cabinetry, a quick change of floor and wall covering can make a huge difference. Add some new accessories, some colored crockery, glass vases, cooking utensil holders, new tea towels and you have a whole new look.

The most important thing to think about when making over a kitchen is functionality. You want to use what space you have efficiently. Ensure that you don’t have to walk too far to perform the major tasks and that you can do them safely.

(Watch out for how cupboard doors open, adjoining doors, pantry doors, refrigerator doors and oven doors). I recently visited a kitchen, when the dishwasher door was down it was right against the wall and the end was butting up to cabinetry, that left only one side to load and unload from, limiting it’s effectiveness, and for a short person like me, making it difficult to reach into.

Blue and White Kitchen Makeover – a popular color combination for kitchens and a good example here.

Rich Red Kitchen Makeover – A stunning kitchen renovation using golden timber joinery and lusty red painted walls.

Apartment Kitchen Makeover – A cost effective way to transform an apartment kitchen.

Budget Kitchen Makeover – A modest kitchen renovation using polurethaned timber floor boards and painted joinery, and wallpaper.

Stunning Kitchen Makeover

Stunning Rich Red Kitchen Makeover

Some simple ways to makeover a kitchen as mentioned earlier are by using wall coverings, a tiled or colored glass spashback can add a new dimension to an existing kitchen. Adding a mobile island or a timber butchers block can be an easy way to add more bench space without having to change the structure of your kitchen.

New lighting can dramatically change the look of your kitchen, try adding lights under overhead cabinets to provide light onto the bench top, or adding small lights into cabinetry with glass doors to show off what is inside (this works well with glasses). Or add some small pendants over the breakfast bar or island as a feature.

The simplest of all is to add a splash of paint! So good luck with your kitchen makeover.

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