Living Room Makeovers

Living Room Makeovers

The living room has many functions, it is a place of rest and relaxation, an area for entertaining guests, a entertainment area for TV and stereo. Decoration can help create those separate spaces within one, with the use of floor rugs, furniture placement or even lighting placement.

One of the most important things to think about for this space is that it is the one room that your guests will definately see, along with the guest bathroom.

Therefore it is “your home” in one room essentially. This is the room where people will see how you live, what taste you have your style, your interests and they will hopefully feel welcome and that they can fit in to your home and relax.

So don’t be afraid to personalise your living room.

Too often we see magazines with beautiful interiors, but can you tell who would live there? Could you sit down and tell a story from what you see? Or is it like an advertisement for your local decorating store.

I look around my living room and I can see a very old, huge timber clock about a meter wide with old metal hands, making a loud tick tock as the pendulum swings. Every time someone walks into our living room they comment on the clock, the story is told of it’s history and conversation is started, it acts as a talking point and makes people relax and feel comfortable, it also tells a bit of history of my husband’s family.

Look around your living room, does it tell your story? Get out there and makeover your living room and make it as gorgeous as possible but remember to keep a piece of you in it.

From Contemporary Living Room to Stylish Antique Comfort – Most makeovers you see will take place in the other direction. We have taken a slick modern new apartment and transformed it a haven for antiques and artwork. Take a look for yourself, it is great to see wallpaper being used again.

Contemporary Living Room Makeover – from 1970’s to modern contemporary. You just can’t believe what can be done with a lot of planning. This project looked even better than I had envisaged, the client had wonderful taste and made their house a comfortable and stylish home.

Budget Living Room Makeover – A modest living room transformed by the use of inexpensive paint effects. See how you can change the look of your home using a simple monochromatic color scheme, paint effects, carpet and drapes.

From 1970's to contemporary living.

House and Garden Living Makeovers

The best thing about spring is that you can open up the doors and windows and start living in your outdoor areas. The blossom is out and the spring flowers dot color around the garden.

As interior decorators we often forget about utilising outdoor spaces. With today’s busy lifestyle there often isn’t enough time to spend gardening, but having a paved courtyard with some potted planters is an achievable solution.

This way you can get rid of the patch of grass, no need to have a lawn mover! Place pavers and put your outdoor dining suite there and enjoy the evenings after work with some fresh air and potted plants around you adding color and texture to your space.

A great way to achieve more living area in your home is to use the outdoors, put in french doors or bifolding doors and open up your home to the elements as shown in this photograph.

So dust off the gardening gloves and look at ways to makeover your outdoors and make it flow with your indoors.

Read how this simple out door space was created.

Read how this simple outdoor space was created.

Indoor Outdoor Makeover – open up the living to the great outdoors. See how the use of bifolding doors can open up your living room and make a whole new outdoor room.

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