Victorian Staircase

Victorian Staircase – Wrought Iron Circular Staircase

Here we have the beauty of  a Victorian staircase – the architectural circular staircase. This style of staircase uses minimal space within the building and makes a wonderful change from the monotony of climbing a long standard stair.

The design creates a piece of architectural art within the building, a feature many developers today forget about.

The longevity of the staircase within the building means that careful design and planning is essential because if you want to redecorate the building at a later date then, replacing a staircase is a very expensive and disruptive process, meaning that often you are stuck with what you have!

So think carefully when designing that new staircase.

Victorian staircase - Wonderful view up the staircase

Wonderful view up the Victorian staircase

This is a very simple and functional stair with the treads being metal grate and open simple pipe balusters. It reminds me of Victorian industrial design with the ball light fittings complementing the interior. The design is timeless and as mentioned above, the building will be able to change around it.

There are a few downfalls with having an open staircase tread like this, that is if someone spills something liquid, it does make an awful mess and is very difficult to clean up, let alone if you are walking up the stair under the spill – drip, drip. They can be noisy to wall up and difficult if wearing high heals. They are also slippery if you have wet shoes.

The balusters are simple in design, straight wrought iron and the handrail follows the same principles, understated, the stair treads and the shape are the design feature in this staircase.

The width between the balusters looks a little to large to comply with many local body building codes, rules and regulations but this could just be the angle of the photograph. Overall a lovely stair for a large building, probably not an ideal design for a modern building due to all the current building codes, rules and regulations.

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