Orange Stair

An Orange Stair – Contemporary use of the Color Orange for this Simple Staircase

This simple staircase is fun and funky, bold and bright orange stair showing that stair design does not necessarily have to be detailed. The simple contemporary architecture allows the color to do the talking and the great thing is it is easy to change the look of this modern stair at a later date by simply changing the colors.

Architecture is essentially an extension of geometry and the stair is a wonderful way of displaying design.

The design is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, the complementary pink nosing adds contrast to the black stair for added definition and safety on the tread.

The other colors of the closed string with pale orange and yellow also add to define the stairs form. The use of color allows us to overlook the lack of architectural detailing in stringer and balustrades.

orange stair - dynamic contemporary modern orange staircase

Dynamic contemporary modern orange staircase

When designing a stair, the main thing to think about is the comfort of the user. Most countries have minimum standards for stair heights, widths, tread depths, riser heights etc. So armed with this information and the space that you have to work in you are almost there! This stair must go a great distance as it has a landing in the middle. Some standards allow 12 treads before a landing is required, this varies obviously from country to country, so always check your local authorities before you commence designing your stair, as incorporating a landing does take up more space. A landing is a safety feature, allowing users to have a break from the climb or descent of the stair.

Another safety feature on this stair is the continuous stainless steel handrail, allowing the user to be able to hold on for support without having to let go at any period.

From a decorators point of view this stair is wonderful for future decorating, you could change the colors of the walls with paint, add texture or pattern using wallpaper, add artwork, large hanging tapestries, sculptural pieces, all sorts of wonderful things because the design of the stair is simple and allows for “dressing up” with decoration.

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