Carved Timber Staircase

Carved Timber Staircase

This carved timber staircase is a highly intricate and detailed design all with the same timber (wooden) finish. The ledges and carved features make use of light and shadow to great effect which is needed as there are no contrasting colors to effect detail.

This stair is an absolute piece of art in this interior with the carved wooden (timber) balusters, handrail and newels complemented by the same detailing to the dados and walls.

The balusters and handrail appear to have been carved from a single piece of timber (wood) however it’s the craftsman’s skill that has allowed this incredible work to be seamlessly constructed.

carved timber staircase - intricate carved timber stair

Intricate carved timber staircase

It is not the type of stair you see being designed regularly today as it’s detail is a very expensive process and would only suit certain applications.

It is more likely as a designer that you would get a project to repair or refurbish this work of highly skilled craftmanship. That is when you need to do your homework and make sure that you prepare the timber correctly so that you don’t damage the detailed carving, sanding could loose intricacy. There are numerous chemical solutions that can be used to strip timber, it would be best to get an expert to look and verify which product is best to use. For repairing damaged timber, a cabinet maker would be your best option for this as they are skilled with managing timber.

Timber stairs are beautiful, they have their own life as such, they sometimes creak when you walk on them, the handrail is warm and smooth to touch, they are solid and made from natural products. Timber is still a popular product for use in stair design, but is not usually used to such great extent. Usually a handrail, balusters, newel posts and stair treads.

This  carved timber staircase is grand and most likely to be found in a stately home. Careful restoration will guarantee that this lovely example of stair design will be around for some time longer for us to admire.

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