Easy Climb Stair

Easy Climb Stair – Marble Circular Staircase

Elegant and graceful, this easy climb stair marble circular stairway is well designed. It is detailed and decorative but does not dominate the space, instead it allows the space to have harmonious flow from one level to another.

The use of the same materials on the floor and the stair treads and risers mean the eye is not detracted and by using a pale colored marble flooring product the room appears light and airy as well as spacious.

The balustrades in wrought iron have subtle regular patterned form and the introduction of scrolls half way up add a small amount of design without detracting from the simplicity of the stair flow, a lovely subtle touch.

Good use of space under the stair

The handrail in a pale timber finish blends in with the background wall color and aids in keeping the appearance of he space open.

Keeping the stairwell open underneath allows for the space to be utilized, this has been cleverly thought out with the placement of a freestanding upright lamp providing a feature and the light reflecting on the pale colored walls making the space appear larger.

The different colored timber finishes in the furniture and the floor rugs and vases add an eclectic touch of differing style. The wrought iron wall sconce up lights add a small amount of relief and contrast ensuring that the room does have some dimension.

easy climb stair

The stair is subtly positioned so as not to spoil the view outside

easy climb stair -beautiful chandelier on view from every level

Beautiful chandelier on view from every level

The use of a landing at the beginning of the stair is a very clever idea as it works as a barrier in the open plan space and defines the entrance to the staircase. It also allows you to peruse the space on your descent at a raised level before deciding which direction to take.

The central chandelier is a major focal point and can be viewed from the stair and from the first floor mezzanine.
This means it has optimum impact as such decorative features above your  eye level can often go by unnoticed and what a waste that would be.

Overall a lovely space with a good use of stair design to ensure the spaces flow harmoniously from one to the other.

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