Circular Staircase Stainless Steel

Circular Staircase with Horizontal Stainless Steel Tube Balustrades and Handrails

This is a wonderful example of a modern circular staircase with tapered winders and a tubular balustrade.

This circular staircase is set in a high wear commercial situation. The use of concrete treads and risers are an ideal material for this environment, solid, permanent and able to withstand high wear with ease.

The stairs risers are low and the treads deep and wide making for a very comfortable and easy stair to climb.

Circular staircase - Stainless steel balustrade and concrete tread and risers in this staircase.

The remaining staircase materials consist of stainless steel. Highly practical and durable with very little maintenance required, just basic cleaning and has a high aesthetic appeal. A continuous stainless steel handrail is ideal for easy climbing, the balusters are used to support the sculptural horizontal stainless steel tube balustrade. In many countries this horizontal balustrade would not comply with local building rules and regulations as people are able to climb over the stair and fall, but in this example the sides seem to be solid, so perhaps there is no place to fall.

The reflective quality of the stainless steel and the cool light gray color of the concrete make the stair appear larger than it really is. If you imagined the stairs in black you would have a higher contrast and therefore more definition giving the appearance of the stair being smaller. This is a good example of industrial materials used in an internal space with careful consideration, the staircase is modern and functional and because of the continuous sculptural form of balustrade it has softened the look of the staircase and made it welcoming and interesting at the same time.

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