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Furniture history is a fascinating subject. Just seeing how the range of styles of furniture grew with the increased knowledge of the craftsmen making it and the increased again as new materials and techniques became available to use.

Furniture style was dictated by the ruling monarch of the country and the conditions of the era and availability of construction materials and tools to work with.

Furniture design was also influenced by the knowledge of the designers or craftsmen, overseas trade or incentives and the economic conditions of the country.

Today we take for granted buying a piece of furniture, it is so easy, and the range of styles and designs endless not like the wonderful unique pieces created painstakingly by a craftsmen using hours of labour to complete one piece.

This area of the website covers the Evolution of English Period Furniture.

Tudor Gothic





William & Mary

Queen Anne









Also French Period Furniture

Louis 14th

Louis 15th

Louis 16th period

Furniture history is often classed by the reigning monarchs for example Queen Anne, Victorian, William & Mary.

Later furniture history was also classed by the major influence of designers like Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite.

This website highlights the individual furniture history periods and provides an understanding of the styles and how they were derived. Learning about furniture history gives you a vital understanding of how the craftsmanship of furniture design began. It is a fascinating topic. These pages provide simple characteristics of each style and period of furniture design to help you recognize details from pieces and in time you can start to recognize the differences between the periods.


Tudor gothic linen fold timber detailing

Tudor gothic linen fold timber detailing

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