Grecian Day Bed Bathroom

Grecian Day Bed, Luxury Bathroom – A Grecian Themed Bathroom

Grecian Day Bed, Bath and Beyond? This beautiful Grecian Bathroom is pure luxury.

The size of bathrooms appears to be increasing in homes today, and along with that the scope for design concepts for decorating them. This beautiful bathroom has a Grecian theme, and has so much space, there is even room for a day bed with a view.

Grecian day bed luxury bathroom

This Grecian Themed bathroom uses mosaic tiles with skill, they adorn the floor, with a dark border and a lighter mosaic tile around the circular bath. The sides of the bath have Grecian motifs in mosaic tile and they are a very practical as well as decorative feature to the bathroom.

The walls are painted to resemble stone and the detail is high with swirling scrolls subtly decorating and framing the recess for the joinery unit. A lovely coved high ceiling adds to the opulence of this bathroom space and I feel that there is probably an equally beautiful bedroom beyond.

The formal drapery, with swags and tails, and curtains that are almost pulled with tassels into a bishops sleeve look, is purely decorative, but it brings your eye back down into the room, the dark color of the fabric framing the window and adding a softness to the bathroom space.

The central pendant light, is a focal point along with the bath, once again lowering our eye to focus on the circular bath this time. It is very difficult to make out the tap ware, but this is quite a good feature as in Grecian times, baths weren’t filled with high pressure taps as they are today, so not making it have a large presence is a good design quality.


The detail to the bathroom joinery wall recess is well considered, the mirror adding depth to the space and is well lit with recessed halogen down lights to light up the distressed timber look joinery unit below, and a wall mounted candle like light fitting, once again purely for decorative reasons. Even the bathroom vanity complements the grecian theme with the aged or stressed look of the cabinetry.

grecian day bed - themed bathroom

If you look at the second photograph above, you will see a rich upholstered chair on the left hand side with wonderful bullion fringe around the base of a grecian motif heavy fabric. I think that this is for the dressing table, or where you can keep your makeup and hair products, sit down in luxury in a well lit bathroom to get ready for the day or night!

The Grecian Day Bed or chaise lounge as they are often termed is just that added piece of luxury and goes far beyond what most of us would find in our bathroom, but here, it fits right in and you can imagine the occupant wearing a conditioning face mask, lying on the bed reading a book, whilst the bath draws, and taking the odd glance at the view outside through the window.

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