Corner Window Ideas

Corner Window Treatment Curtain Design Ideas and Photograph Examples

Sometimes when a house is designed it is designed with the exterior in mind and not the interior.

Therefore the fact that internally we may want to have curtains is sometimes overlooked and space is not allowed for us to easily hang them.

Or, windows are placed meeting at the corner of a room so that the view is maximized.

This can cause problems for the interior decorator when it comes to designing window treatments for the room. Here are some ideas on how to treat corner windows.

corner window treatments

These corner windows open up the room to the outside, allow a lot of light in and have architectural value.

The window has been treated as a single unit with decorative rods meeting at the corner, a swagged valance with curtains to only the outside of each window.

Therefore the external view is maximized during the day and there is the ability to draw the curtains at night.

Sliding glass windows that meet at a corner.

Sliding glass windows that meet at a corner have been treated with a heavy drapery.

They haven’t used the rule of treating the window as a whole and have tied back curtains in the corner.

As the windows are very large, this doesn’t detract from the external view.

An elaborate glazed formal dining room.

This room has windows that go right to the ceiling, so a ceiling mounted track has been used to fix a formal swag and tails valance to the entire room.

Large curtains have been used at each end, with a small curtain at each corner, simply left to hang vertically and not tied back. These can be drawn at night for warmth and privacy.

For privacy during the day all the windows have a translucent sheer which softens the bright light from outside.

fixed decorative curtains for corner windows.

This corner window has been treated for decorative purposes only.

A short decorative rod at each end of the corner windows that meet in the middle has been used to hang a fixed curtain. This is used for decorative purposes only and the window is left open to look out at the view.

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