What Curtain Accessories do you need for your Windows?

No decorative interior window treatment is complete without a tie back, hold back or a tassel or two. Find out what decorative curtain accessories are and when to use them, they could help you create a stylish designer window.

Valances come in many forms and combined with a tassel fringe or lace can make a window look more dramatic.

Scarf drapery is a simple, often little sew way to dress up a window treatment, these look great with beaded trim, or a picot braid.

Most important is curtain tracks or rods, without these we couldn’t hang up your curtains! They add a decorative element to a room and can enhance a style or theme of interior decoration.

Tie Backs

Tie backs are a practical and decorative accessory. They are used to hold back the curtain from the window. Tie backs are a simple way to introduce fun and drama into an interior, there are so many querky designs available today from sparkling beads to the traditional twisted cord seen here.

Tie backs are a practical and decorative curtain accessory

Passementerie or Trims

Trims or passementerie are high quality decorative textile bands. Detail is how interior decorators and designers stand out from the home hobbyist. Their eye for adding trim to decorative schemes provides a professional finish to the interior.

Curtain accessories - Trims or passementerie are high quality decorative textile bands

Hold Backs

A hold back is a decorative rigid form of tie back. These are now very popular with interior designers as they are much easier to use than the traditional tie back, fixed to the wall at the side of the curtains so you can’t lose them.

Curtain accessories - A hold back is a decorative rigid form of tie back

Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks are used to hold up the curtain and are generally fixed to the wall above the window. They were a fantastic invention and have made drawing curtains a simple and easy process. They keep the curtain looking smart when it is drawn or when the curtains are stacked back.


Types of blinds available to decorate a window and create privacy. Types of Blinds.


A valance is a deep frill of fabric at the top of a window, framing the window and hiding the curtain tracks. It is a form of interior decoration that is particulary popular in bedrooms as it is an simple and cost effective way to add color and texture to a room.

curtain accessories - picot trim

Window Valance with a goblet pleat heading and a picot braid trim.

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