Tie Backs

Curtain and Drapery Tie Backs

Tie backs are a practical and decorative accessory. They are used to hold back the curtain panel from the window to let the light in. They help the curtain fall gracefully when drawn back, and alleviate stress that the weight of the fabric can put on the tracks.

Many different types are available, cord, bows, tassels, fabric (in many shapes and forms) with hooks.

They are different to hold backs which is a rigid form fixed to the wall which the curtain panel is placed behind.

They are a great way to add texture and color to a scheme and provide a way of ensuring that your curtains sit correctly and evenly off the window to create an appealing look from the interior view as well as the exterior.

Cord tieback.

Special attention needs to be paid to the size; too small and the curtain is pulled in and looks strangled; too large and loose and it looks like you have skimped on the fabric for your curtains, so it is often wise to wait until you have the curtains hanging before you make or purchase your tie backs so that you can measure what size they need to be.

You want them to hold your curtains firmly but not crease the fabric, and you want them to fall in a relaxed manner.

Good proportions for this tieback keeping the fabric off the window exposing the under curtains and the fabric is well held and not creasing.

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