Hold Backs

Curtain and Drapery Hold Backs

A curtain hold back is a decorative rigid form of tie back, these are usually made of metal, brass or iron, and can have many different decorative fittings to the ends.

They often match the curtain rod finial ends. They are attached to the wall at the side of the curtains.|

The curtain fabric is basically drawn back and placed behind the hold back to keep it in place.

It appears to be more formal than most forms of tiebacks as it is fixed and keeps the curtains always looking the same no matter who draws them back from the window. They are simpler to use than standard tie backs, which you often spend time searching for the hooks and trying to get the tieback to sit correctly.

Hold backs make it easy and create a simple and tidy finish leaving the window or door easily accessible.

A simple contemporary stainless steel curtain hold back.

You can use the same style in each room rather than selecting multiple color coordinated tiebacks, it saves time and lends to a more contemporary home interior.

Hold backs are a popular accessory for curtains and are seen much more regularly in homes today, with manufacturers engaging in the curtain hold back trend and designing more different styles to choose from.

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